Sunday, September 17, 2006

Negative Influence

My three-year-old cousin is watching The Jungle Book, a movie I used to watch no less than 623 times a week, and yet I am just noticing the talking back and bad attitudes in the movie. Though it's really short, and everything turns out okay, my cousin will record that and put it in the archives of her little brain, later to take it out and use it. She'll use everything she learns now, later.

Our Job
Yes, we do have jobs! I know, "Teens are just supposed to have fun!" and grow up later, right? Wrong. We have jobs, and very, very important ones as influencers. I'm sure you've seen the movie, read the book, and been in a situation where a snotty-nose, grundgy handed little kid with dirty clothes follows you and hangs on your every word. I've certainly been there, and I think that those who haven't, need to be.
Those children are our jobs.
Get that! These kids are worse than mothers and hear everything we say, watch everything we do, and repeat it later. We must take it upon ourselves to be role models to the younger generation. (that makes us sound earth-old.)
I hope I am pressing on you the importance of our situation.
We are responsible for the kid next door!


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