Saturday, October 14, 2006

Fish Update (as if you cared.)

We now have 10 baby fish! They're adorable. We took both of the grown fish out, not knowing which was male and which was female, or if they would eat the babies or not. So! Now the younger fish don't stay at the bottom of the tank in fear all day long; they rather swim freely about the tank! Yay.

I'm reading Jane Eyre and it's so sad! :-) I cry just about every time I read it.

Katie and I went to a Scottish Festival with Lolox today; picturestofollow. (Moretofollow.) :-) I have to download them tonight, and I'm really tired and lazy and all that jazz and I just won't get up right now. LOL

G'night!! -Allie


Blogger LadyKyria said...

Of course I care! ;-P That's so cool. Tana will wish she had some, too! She got to go fishing with her daddy this morning before church. They were out at daybreak!

Can't wait to see those Scottish pics!

10:16 AM  

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