Monday, October 16, 2006


It has rained all day here! In fact, it started last night. Praise the Lord! I wonder, though, do people really forget how to drive safely when it rains after a long dry spell? Halcy, does Erich have any insight about that? Because somebody crashed through the fence into the bull patch this afternoon. His car looks totalled! Thankfully, Rowdy arrived home immediately afterward and moved the bulls and horses to other pastures, so nothing got on the road. Just thought I'd share our little bit of excitement for the day!


Blogger Allie_Ilene said...

Good heavens! Through the bull patch! That's scary. Just think if the bulls had gotten out! Thank goodness Rowdy got home in time.

Yeah, it seems that Erich is always running out for wrecks and the like when it rains. People just get in a hurry and aren't thinking! The last wreck he went to, this girl had been going over 100, as her speedometer was stuck there. !!

4:16 AM  
Blogger thimblemum said...

Good grief! I'm so thankful Rowdy got home quickly! What a pain, tho. Now you have to fix the fence, hope the guy has insurance, etc!
Grandma says to tell you hello, btw. She is doing moderately poorly, but hanging in there. A spot on her liver is of concern. She sees a doctor tomorrow.

7:42 AM  
Blogger Halcyon said...

There's a saying about Texas drivers: "Instant idiots, just add water." ;o) Seriously, a lot of the reason for the accidents is two-fold - one is people really ARE foolish and don't pay attention to the more hazardous conditions because they're so used to zipping along in dry weather. The other is that after a long dry spell, a thin film of oil and other emissions from cars covers the roadways. When water hits that, it makes the roads insanely slick, and while it's safe if you're driving like you have a brain, it's DEFINITELY not safe for those speed-happy dingbats who go flying through like the roads are dry. Which is why as soon as it starts raining, and especially after a long dry spell, you'll see a LOT more accidents.

10:37 AM  

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