Sunday, February 04, 2007

Aaaand, More Fine Music!!

Yesterday was our second ensemble meeting. It was great and I had a WONDERFUL time!
This time, we had 2 violins, 2 flutes, 1 cello, and a harp. The harp and the cello reallllllly filled out the sound and it didn't sound so bad. LOL
My favorite song that we did was Irish Washerwoman, and afterwards, Kris (Shafer) and I played around with San Antonio Rose and Faded Love and stuff like that. Like I said: it was great. Mrs. Lawless insisted that she play one note and I play two - so she'd play one, I'd play two - she'd play the upbeat and I'd play the down-beats. I told her she was mean. She told me I'd missed my math lesson so she had to make up for it. :-)

Ni took a video of it, so I'll put it up on YouTube, then post it on the blog so you can watch it!
<3 Allie

PS. Monday night, we went to the organizational meeting for the new community orchestra of Stephenville! Is that not awesome?! So now, I'm involved in two music happenings a week, not to mention fiddling lessons. *poor Ni*


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Blogger FourMile said...

You FINALLY posted again!!!!!!!

Now, I can get on with life again.


We want to see MORE pics please!

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