Friday, September 22, 2006

What Will You Choose To Do?

Yesterday, it rained a little, and as I don't care to get wet, I ran for a tree. The tree was huge, and there was a large dry mark on the ground where the tree had sheltered the ground. I noticed a squirrel hiding under there with me. (Squirrels don't like me. They throw pecans at me. Especially when I'm playing my fiddle outside on the roof.) As I stood under the leaves and looked out at all that was wet, I realized that this tree was something like the mercy of God. We can either choose to take shelter under His wings (and under His wings you shall take refuge), or we can ignore Him and get soaked by the torrents of rain.
God doesn't want us to get "soaked" by the hard times in our lives. If we trust in Him and hide under his "leaves", we will find comfort and dry ground.
Read Isaiah 53 today.


Blogger Allie_Ilene said...

Are you on Kiwiwiwiw? That means you prolly haven't been asleep! Poor Kiwi.

Love you! Allie

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