Monday, October 23, 2006

Beautiful Day!!

I haven't felt a bit tired, sleepy, or sick all day! This is wonderful! I've kept up doing schoolwork ALL morning, I've gotten MOST of my housework done, and my Anne of Green Gables - the Sequal DVD arrived in the mail today! :-) It's such a beautiful day. AND, I've almost gotten my competition fiddle tune DOWN PAT. At least, I hope I do. Watch, I'm probably doing something totally off, and Sherry's gonna have a fit. LOL

So, Rachel, you and the kids are all sick?! That's sad! I've taken silver and stuff, so I'll be fine. Poor Koepkes! Oh, how did Mook and Erinn take the sugar?? Did they react too terribly?? is up and running! Thanks to Joe's efforts and mine. I'm excited!! :-)

Love to all!! <3 Allie


Blogger Rebecca said...

Hey Allie! Awesome you are's a fun little site for ya:
I love you! Mama

7:23 AM  

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