Sunday, March 18, 2007

Trip to Oklahoma

Masef, Aunt Mela, Ni, Lolo, and Ruth-Jeanette.

Aunt Mela and Ni.

Lolo and Aunt Ruth-Jeanette.

Lolo after the speech.

We stopped at Braum's!! :-D

Yours truly.

He wouldn't turn around for the picture. Can you believe that?

Yes, the OK roads ARE as bad as rumored.


Blogger Carolj said...

Thanks for stopping at my blog and leaving a comment, Allie. :) I think I've met your friend Katie through her xanga and had heard your name through her. I didn't realize you had a blog as well. (btw, I do have a xanga, but basically it's a repeat of my blog.)

I'm glad the cd is a blessing to you! We're working on a new one. Lord willing it will be done this fall! I'm sure we'll have an announcement on the website and the blogs. (My sister has a blog as well.)

You play fiddle? How neat! That's great you and Katie can play together, too. Maybe someday we'll be in your area and we can hear you all play. :)

God bless you as your continue to use your talents for HIM!

In Christ,

9:11 AM  

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