Monday, May 07, 2007

"The" Trip.

Katie, announcing. She did such a good job!

There were these two girls in the audience that just LOOKED like it was pulling teeth to make them sit there. (We're not THAT bad, are we?)

Having fun.

Aaron, Camden, Allie, Mrs. L, Katie

This was when we hadn't even pulled out of the driveway yet. (About 8 in the morning.)

Yuck. (Not the picture. Just the memory. LOL)

We kept switching around our standing positions. I think we need to figure out ONE way to stand - in what order - and keep it that way.

The wind was HORRID.

I don't know what we were playing here...

This was a very hard performance. Right next to us, there was a VERY large generator, and we had to move off of that white "stage" to right in front of the audience. Miserable.


This was the best part. (Joke.)

We played at Denny's in Carlsbad.

New Mexico.

Gr. These pictures won't go in the right order. But this is Breckenridge, Texas. Frontier Days. L to R: Camden, Aaron (both Lawlesses), Katie, Allie, Mrs. Lawless, and a girl whom we invited to play with us on the last song, Amazing Grace. She's playing a half-size viola. She was pretty good for having only played a little more than a year!

Wasup, homo sapien?

The scenery was GORGEOUS.

Taken through the lens of my sunglasses. This was a really cool photo.

And again.

Katie being cool - Allie being mature.

Outside the caves.

More cave photos.

Caughtcha having a good time!!

Katie and Allie in Carlsbad Caverns.

Carlsbad. Those things are HUGE.

Fairyland. So cool!

Hobbs, NM.

The flowers in front of the courthouse there in Hobbs (I think) were beautiful!

Allie's caption, as she pointed to the gun, was: "I want one!"

Getting down on Katie's level.

This was awesome. It told about the first explorers and everything.

I thought this was interesting.

The sky was beautiful on the way home, if a bit darkened.


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Your blog is great!! I especially like "As for me amd my blog", how original!! Just wanted to tell you that I think you are doing such a great job and what a way of keeping folks together! I like it! Now if "folks" would just use it. I was really disappointed in the amount of feedback that you get :o(. It seems like to me that it would be such a great way to get and keep a family together. I may try it and just see how it works and I'm just guessing that your number of comments will outnumber mine! :o)
Well, enough of that and kuddos to ya kid! Oh, by the way...this is Hannah's mom. :o) And to prove it, I've just got to check out this little instruction line that is glaring me in the face, like I have no idea what b is, much less i or a, even within their little <>. Well, nothing happened, so I guess it's just saying that you can put it on your blog if you want to. :p) SEE YA!
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Oh, I LOVE the viola scroll. Cool pic.

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