Sunday, December 10, 2006


Hello to all! Whew, it's been a while since anyone posted, so I thought I would!! :-)

Last night was Crossbows' last Christmas performance, hopefully, :-) and we made out like bandits. LOL I won the best-period-time-dress contest, Katie and I together got "Stone Mountain" Awards for promoting Southern Heritage... and we sold lots of cds. How many I don't know yet, as I haven't counted, but we got lots of donations too. Our stage presence is finally improving.. Thank goodness. It really bugs me to stand there like a lump on a log. Really, that's what we do. :-)

Currently reading a book called Myths & Realities of American Slavery - The True History of Slavery in America, by John C. Perry. We traded a couple cds last night for that book. It certainly appears to be well-written literature! Quite good.

I've actually forgotten the names of the little kids, the little girl grinning and the little boy (maybe Peter?) holding George about two or three years back, but I just ran across the pics and thought they were so cute (or coote! as Gabs says) that I had to post them. The fiddle is a five string viola, actually, not a fiddle, but it's only 1 inch larger than my fiddle. It can do everything a fiddle can do and everything a viola can do. :-) I love it.


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