Sunday, March 18, 2007

Trip to Oklahoma

Masef, Aunt Mela, Ni, Lolo, and Ruth-Jeanette.

Aunt Mela and Ni.

Lolo and Aunt Ruth-Jeanette.

Lolo after the speech.

We stopped at Braum's!! :-D

Yours truly.

He wouldn't turn around for the picture. Can you believe that?

Yes, the OK roads ARE as bad as rumored.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

SCV Confederate Christmas Party

This is Katie and I at the Sons of Confederate Veterans Confederate Christmas Party in 2006. We got a Stone Mountain Award that night for promoting Southern heritage.. I won the dress contest, and we both got coins and 5 dollar bills from the 1800's. We were excited!
We enjoyed that night.
We have another gig to play at on March 17th, Dublin, Texas, for St. Patty's Day there. We may even ride/walk in the parade. They said it's a "You can do either: play on stage and ride in the parade while playing, or you can do the stage without the parade." So, we haven't made up our minds yet. :-)

Also, the website is finally PERFECT. LOL At least, I think it is. I still need KATIE to tell me which pics she doesn't mind having on there. We're still working on putting up nice pics of us. I think we need Halc to take some really good photos of us sometime. -'Iloveyou' grin towards Halcy-