Saturday, May 26, 2007

Summer Evenings

“Summer time… and the livin’ is easy….”
That is, unless you live in Texas . Somehow, I have a feeling that the person who originally wrote that lived in a Nothern state. :-)

Summer… that time when it’s smart to duct tape the screen door because the flies are pouring in like crazy. But it’s also the time of year when we females are quite happy to sit down at supper time and enjoy being with our family. We’re grateful to be able to rest! (That is, until someone asks you to pass the ketchup and you realize that there’s none on the table so you have to climb that Mt. Sinai stack of groceries in front of the pantry in order to get IN so you can come OUT with that darned bottle of ketchup!) :-)

We sweat all day in a hot kitchen, work outside in the garden, and by 6 o’clock pm , we look like we live in Egypt during the pyramid building era. In other words, sloppy. Our hair is falling down and we probably stink to high Heaven. But hey! We’re happy because we’re sitting down – the family is happy because we made supper – and we’re all one big sweaty, stinky family!
Hmm… Isn’t there something wrong with that picture? Aren’t we, as the women of the house, supposed to be clean and neat and ordlerly and all that stuff?

Now don’t recoil in horror, y’all. Come back. I’m simply suggesting that we clean ourselves up BEFORE supper, not BEFORE bed. Perhaps the whole mentality of your family will change, just because you decided to make yourself look good for them! Doesn’t THAT make them feel good? That they’re actually important enough to you that you want to look nice?

I said come back, please. Sit down, please. READ. (Please.) It’s just my two cents. You don’t HAVE to follow my really good advice. :-)

Perhaps it’s best if you change your outfit in the evenings – after all that work in the garden or whatever you do before supper, it may be stained. Re-apply your makeup. Fix your hair. For me, I just throw it up in a ponytail out of the way – but even re-doing my ponytail makes me feel more cheerful and ready to conquer… supper. Or something.
Try this! See if it works. For one thing, I’ve found that I’m more inclined to be happy and respond to others joyfully and cheerfully.


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