Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Funnies from "The Trip"

Let me set the stage by saying that Katie and I always record as many of the funny things said during a day with friends. At the Frontier Days thingy in Breckenridge, there were quite a few funny things that were written down - and many more that were forgotten. Of course, if you hang out with the Lawless clan, you get some interesting things to record.
Oh, and remember - Katie and I are in our ball gowns (with hoop skirts) this entire time. Some of this revolves around those.

"I hope I'm not the only one that's going to crash when I get into the car." -Allie
"Why don't you go play bumper cars?" -Camden
"Bumper cars...? Why on earth?"
"Well, I figured since you were dressed for it and all..." -Glancing at our hoop skirts

5/6/07 (The trip to NM)
"Katie, is your heart racing or feeling unusual?" -The Grandfather
"No sir, why?" -Katie
"Why? Because I care about you and want you to survive! Of course, if you die, we're still going to Carlsbad Caverns..."

"I despise that jeans-tucked-into-the-boots style. Especially as they don't think twice about doing it." -Allie
"It bothers me too. But I'd do it to annoy you. Now that'd be funny."
"No, what would be funny is if I stopped and stuck out my fist and you ran into it. Now THAT would be funny." -Camden

"What's something else that's funny that I forgot to write down?" -Allie
"Your face?" -KT

Walking past a playground at Frontier Days, Katie says to Camden, "Oh, we gotta stop. Allie says she wants to play."
"Well, alright, but be safe! We'll stand right here and watch you. Go, shoo, go on!"

Mrs. Lawless, to Allie: "You're starting Devil's Dream with chops. Chop, chop!"

Camden, pretending to be a federal agent or something, starts talking into his wrist: "HELP!" then realized that he was talking into the wrong wrist. Switching wrists to talk into his watch, "Oops. HELP!"

"I've tried writing from a boy's perspective, but it hurt." -Allie to Katie on writing books.

"What do you spy THAT'S BLACK?!" -Allie, in frustration at playing I-Spy with Katie on the way to NM.
"A field of cows about a mile back." -Katie

"That time we played it, I didn't cry!" -Allie
"What's that supposed to mean?" -Camden
"We didn't sound half-bad!"


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